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Status: Single

Here For: Community

Hometown: Shamoansville

Location: Chicago, IL, USA


Occupation(s): Shamoaner

Member Since: 11.02.05

Last Login: 5.01.06

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Super Jackson Bros

Jacko is hawt! I play this game everyday!

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Shamoan Shamoan Shamoan

This is me on a good day!

- More Info - - shamoan at iron studios!

shamoan at iron studios!

edie, amber, and i all shamoaning it up!

- More Info - - my dad is alice cooper!

my dad is alice cooper!

he is quirky sometimes. but really he's got a big heart!

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Sunday Nov 27, 2005 8:23 PM

Hey Dimone Shamoan! I totally forgot that you stopped by my house last year! We need to party again!!!