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Sex: Female


Status: Celibate

Here For: Community

Location: Horses, FL, USA

Member Since: 3.14.05

Last Login: 9.11.11

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nylon womb

we went camping

- More Info - - re: it's me david

re: it's me david

i used to tape myself a lot when david & i lived far away from one another (c... (continued)

- More Info - - lost at sea

lost at sea

a toy ship and some kites, is nice

- More Info - - adolescents


a friend & i dancing @ fourteen. (11 years ago) i lost her to her drug addictio... (continued)

- More Info - - spooky rain

spooky rain

traffic seen through a puddle of rain on my windsheild

- More Info - - elementary


i chose this song because i liked its relatable lyrics. now i find myself singin... (continued)

- More Info - - glitch flow

glitch flow

my last time in nyc my first time editing with premiere

- More Info - - never let go

never let go

my favorite scene from one of the country's top grossing movies

- More Info - - hello down there

hello down there

this movie was really dark when i filmed it, then krebstar made it all better an... (continued)

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