thomasbugaj jeweled indifference

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Sex: Male


Status: Single

Here For: Community

Hometown: State College, PA

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Member Since: 3.05.06

Last Login: 8.31.09

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Max Whitcomb's choreography with feedback compositing and SlitScan processes... (continued)

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- More Info - - peacefeather flash test

peacefeather flash test

greatest hits by peacefeather! scroll and click for sounds click continued)

- More Info - - schlow memorial library

schlow memorial library

time lapse construction of Schlow Library '04- '05

- More Info - - 16mm optical feedback

16mm optical feedback

captured on an eclair with a video tap. dig how the shutter speed affects the f... (continued)

- More Info - - choreographic feedback study

choreographic feedback study

16mm double exposure on bolex, digitized. feedback accompanying the movements ... (continued)

- More Info - - flag suite 1

flag suite 1

- More Info - - peace offering

peace offering

god bless screen movie recorder blessed peacefeather all blessings

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