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Sex: Male

Status: Single

Here For: Community

Hometown: Alsace-Lorraine

Location: Chicago, IL, USA


Occupation(s): Video Editor

Member Since: 11.03.04

Last Login: 3.23.13

Videos Subscribe | Play All | Shuffle - Bergen to Oslo

Bergen to Oslo

A gorgeous but desolate ride from western Norway to the capital.

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Jordan spills his guts. But all we get is red.

- More Info - - Danes Pastel

Danes Pastel

Angela. Beautiful in so many colors.

- More Info - - Straight Edge Santa

Straight Edge Santa

When ones mind is clouded with alcohol, is anything really to be believed?

- More Info - - New Career

New Career

A music video for a duo that may or may not have existed.

- More Info - - Somebody's Baby

Somebody's Baby

A homage to the women who lost their "lives", perfecting the craft of slasher vi... (continued)

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